How to Indoor Tanning for The First Time

tanning in white bikini

Getting a perfect skin is dream for every one. People spend hours in basking sun to get a right amount of tanning for the skin. But the boredom of sitting in the sun is no more compulsive with the introduction of indoor tanning. It was first introduced in 1920’s and has been gaining its popularity ever since. With growth of the idea there are some good and bad aspects of indoor tanning that you need to know before jumping into the tanning bed.

There is various types of skin that react differently to tanning. So it is very much important to know about right way of tanning and prepare yourself for the process. So here we provide some tips that you would not want to miss out before tanning.

1) Customs

The first and foremost thing is customs that you wear for going to tanning. Tanning effects hugely on what we wear. Wear comfortable and very short or inner wears which won’t create tan linings after tanning. If you feel comfortable going naked will be fine. It depends upon personal preference. But it is not a good idea to wear long and thick clothes. Be sure to wear comfortable wears.

2) Lotions and tan extenders

Lotion and tan extenders will give your skin a extra boost to create your brown skin. They make up great moisturizer. It is better to know your skin type before using the tanning lotion. Decide whether your skin is oily or dry. Aloe Vera and coconut oils make up great lotions for dry skins,while rose water,rose petals are great for oily skin. So you can use them before going to tanning bed.

3) Eyes and lips protection

Tanning beds produce UV rays that has direct impact on your skin. They also have effect on the eyes. So it is recommended to wear eyes protection and put on the lip balm before jumping into the tan bed.

4) Don’t forget to remove makeup and deodorants

Makeup will create negative impact on skin if you put them during tanning. Deodorants and make up contain sun protectant that will resist tanning to reach up to the skin. So it is recommended to remove deodorants and makeups.

5) Exposing and moving body parts

It is not good to expose the sensitive skin part that doesn’t see light to often at the first tanning. You may need to cover and expose very lightly at first to increase burn tolerance. Otherwise they may get burn tan. It is also good to move body parts slight so that you get your tanning equally on the body parts. Else you may get uneven tan and burns so move and expose slightly for better results at first.

6) Timing

Timing is crucial in first tannings. It is not good to get exposed to indoors tanning too long at first. Being a first timer start up by 5-10 mins and can be gradually increased up to 20 min in long run. You must also consider the duration between two tanning sessions. You need to keep at least four days duration between two tanning sessions to prevent negative impacts.

7) Putting Aloe vera and removing it

It is crucial to put Aloe vera lotion before you go to tanning bed. After you finished up tanning do no rush to remove the lotions and aloe so that they produce good result. They skin will be still working on the effects of tan so keep the moisturizers and lotions for some time after the tan.

So those were some tips that you need to consider before going tanning. As there are some negative effects of UV radiation on skin to too much of tanning is not good too. There are some side effects of tanning so it is good to tan responsibly. But there is no worry in doing the things in right way. So have joy with your skin. Happy tanning.

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