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Lips Beauty.

When wearing makeup, you should always wear lipstick. The color should blend with the other make-up applied. The lips are one feature that can look good on anyone with the correct makeup. A good lipstick feels natural on your lips, does not stick and works as a lip care. At Mebeaut you will find beautiful lipsticks from different cosmetic brands such as What is your favorite fashion lipstick for full lips? Or are you lookling for some lip Balm, Lip Stain or Lip Brushes?

For your service:

Mebeaut Beauty web shop is always here on your service, to provide you with the amazing chance to look dynamic. While moving outside or having the desire to look beautiful, lips attracts the most. Having an outlook of best lipsticks or taking care of your lips to such an extent that they attract others deeply is what matters the most. Having full make over but deprived of lipstick, lip-balm or no care seems dull & boring.

Lips care:

Mebeaut Beauty Web shop brings the most classy, glossy and freshening items for you. We have a wide range of items for you on our service. We are presenting here the items for your care with the mot amazing features. Some of these are:

  • Natural beauty oriented items
  • Fresh, glossy and shining items
  • Items in various colors and with the best range of prices.
  • Items that match every kind of tone and provides the smooth and sassy look.

So, what are you seeking now?

Here is your chance to look unique in every gathering and attract everyone. Click & order your favorite item.

LIPSTICK For every woman

Every woman needs a good lipstick. At Mebeaut we have an extensive range of lipstick colors. Discover the classic colors such as: red lipstick or pink lipstick. Or go for a striking color like black lipstick. You will find various lipsticks from cosmetic brands with us. Choose from matte lipsticks, gloss, pearl.


Lipstick has a rich history, starting in prehistoric times. Facial painting has always been a way for humans to distinguish sight. But painting the lips was intended to be attractive to the opposite sex. The first lipstick was created when people started making colorings from natural sources such as clay, fruit and plant juice. In Mesopotamia, women first began to grind gemstones to decorate their lips. In ancient Egypt, lipstick was further developed into a full-fledged product. Cleopatra was a big fan of red lips. Under the influence of the Catholic Church, the wearing of lipstick later declined, it was seen as worshiping the devil. That is why women became more careful with make-up. In the 16th century, lipstick became equally popular again, through Queen Elizabeth I. Red-colored lips contrasted sharply with her fair complexion. Later, the wearing of lipstick became a characteristic of women of easy morals, and people opposed the wearing of lipstick. It wasn't until the early 20th century that lipstick became fashionable again, with the rise of movies, Hollywood and department stores. In 1915 Maurice Levy invented the well-known twist sleeve. That was the start of the further development of the lipstick as we know it today.


Lipstick comes in many shapes and types. And there are also different ways of application. It's not just a matter of matte or shine. The twist barrel marker is probably the most iconic, but lipstick is also available in gloss or in a compact box. We list different types of lipstick below.

Sheer lipstick.

Do you want extra "shine"? A sheer or satin lipstick gives lips a healthy shine. But beware, a satin lipstick can sometimes be unintentionally misleading. Due to its extra care substances, the color on lips often looks a bit lighter than on packaging. Yet there are beauty brands with extra color pigments that prevent this. In addition, the lipstick is extra hydrating due to a combination of anti-oxidants and nourishing substances.

Gloss of liquid lipstick.

Looking for a lipstick that will get you through the day without needing to touch up? A liquid lipstick (or liquid lipstick gloss) comes in a bottle and a special applicator. There are lip glosses that smear like a "gloss" but end up looking like a matte lipstick. Not all liquid lipsticks have a gloss finish, despite their structure.


Lipstain is not a lipstick, but a varnish that colors the lips. Color your lips with a beautiful high gloss. Because of the "stain" that the product releases, your lips remain colored longer, even when the lipstick wears off. But of course you don't have to update your make-up as often.

Nourishing lipstick.

A nourishing lipstick or "moisturizing lipstick" is a lipstick that provides extra care for the lips. Although there are also color pigments in the marker, the color will not last very long. If your lips are dry and brittle, a moisturizing lipstick is a good solution.

Cream matte lipstick.

Cream matte lipsticks or cream lipstick contains many color pigments and is super nourishing at the same time. Although the lips eventually become matte in color, the texture of the stick is a bit greasy. Yet they are also "long-lasting", some lipsticks do last all day! The lipstick is more than just a matte lipstick. It is super caring and you are also provided with a beautiful color on your lips all day long.

Frosted lipstick.

With the comeback of the 1990s, we also see the "frosted" lipstick returning. You might be thinking fiercely metallic or glittered lips à la Pamela Anderson. Fortunately, the trend is a bit calmer! Picture your lips with a subtle pearlescent finish in soft pink, carmine red or a subtle nude color. There is a small glimmer in the product. There are several wild colors such as blue, fuchsia pink, turquoise and lime green.

Shop must-have lipsticks online

Lipstick is one of the oldest cosmetic products and has thus passed through many eras and trends. Even now it is completely in, and you can shop lipsticks in all possible finishes and colors. If you want a long-lasting effect, go for a liquid lipstick or a matte lipstick. You get a subtle look with a sheer lipstick. You can create beautiful, hydrated lips with a cream lipstick, and of course choose a shiny lipstick for shine.

Which lipstick color suits me?

If you find it difficult to choose a color that suits your skin tone well, we will be happy to help you. It is especially important to consider the undertone of your skin. From nude to red, from light to dark, discover which color lipstick suits your skin tone.


If you have a pink or red glow in your skin color, you have a cool undertone. Please note - natural redness in your face, for example on your cheeks, does not automatically mean that you have a red undertone. It is best to look at your neck to determine this. Lipsticks with a bluish or purplish undertone are the best match for cool undertones. Better stay away from warm tones, such as orange and yellow. Red with a bluish undertone or deep red in a berry color are perfect for you. If you like to keep it subtle, pay attention to light shades and nude shades, especially if you are on the light side. Make sure there is always enough pink pigmentation in this, otherwise you will look flat sooner.


If you have a warm or olive-colored undertone, choose warm lipsticks, for example with an orange undertone. Nude shades certainly suit you too, as long as they don't have a cool undertone and are not lighter than your own skin tone. If you have an olive-colored undertone, choose warm nude tones. For medium to warm brown skin tones, a peach nude is the best option.


If you have a neutral undertone, you're in luck, because you can wear just about all lipsticks. Be careful with nude lipstick if you have a light skin tone; these then have quite a pink undertone. Also always take into account the natural color of your lips, because these will determine how the lipstick looks after application. If you have dark lips, go for darker lip shades, and vice versa!


Lipstick is a big beauty favorite of many. They come in all kinds of different colors and finishes and give an extra twist to your make-up look. Are you going for a basic look? Then a nude lipstick is very suitable. For a party you naturally go with a striking red or even darker lipstick. But what is really good lipstick? You will of course find them among the wide range of lipsticks at The Make Up Spot!


Lipstick comes in all kinds of colors and makes your make-up look chic and classic, sexy hip or modern. Also with lipstick it is important to choose a color that matches your skin tone. Apply a lip balm under your lipstick for beautiful and healthy lips. Apply a lipstick from the corner of the mouth to the center of the lip. You can also apply more precisely and easily with a brush.Did you know that with a toothbrush you can gently exfoliate the lips for beautiful and smooth lips?
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