Foundations comes in all shapes and sizes. With a foundation every lady gets a beautiful even skin. We all want flawless skin – and sometimes the help of a cream is more than welcome. Which kind of foundations do you need for that? Some swear by a foundations with a matte finish, while others prefer a foundations that provides a glowing skin.

With foundations you have a nice base that covers imperfections. With a foundation color that matches your own skin color you get the most natural and even effect. Foundations are available in different liquid or powder versions. Mattifying foundation ensures that your face is less likely to shine. Some foundations have a protective factor that protects your skin against external influences.

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We have a variety of foundations with us to make the skins of every color, contour and roughness look good. Here are some features that our foundations cover:

  • Easily blend-able with skin of every tone
  • Hiding the flaws of skin and making it perfect to appear in every time.
  • Avoid wearing a dark foundations. You want the foundation to blend with your skin tones. When foundation does not match your skin tone, you will have a noticeable make-up line.
  • If you use too much foundation and powder at one time, it can give the face a “caked-on” appearance.
  • The first step in applying a complete makeup application is to reduce the darkness under the eye with a concealer and then apply a foundation to even out your skin tone. Whether you start your application with the concealer or the foundations depends more on personal preference than anything else.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want your skin glow even in dark without having any crooked appearance?

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Foundation what is it?

Foundation, foundation or base make-up is a form of make-up that is normally applied to the entire skin of the face and neck, underneath the other make-up.

Types of base layers

As the name implies, "foundation" "fond" serves as a base coat for other types of make-up and ensures that the skin looks and stays even in texture and color. Foundation can also ensure that a skin gets a slightly lighter or slightly darker tone. It is available in various forms, such as in cream form, stick form, mousse or liquid form. The liquid variant is the most common. Foundation is available for most skin types and skin tones, the most common skin types or shades are light, normal and / or dark skin.

How do you use a base coat?

Foundation can be applied by means of a specially used sponge or brush or with the fingers. After the foundation has been applied, it does not immediately show the final result, because it has to adapt to the warmth of the face and mix with any sweat. One can use the hands to speed up this process.

Since foundation is oily in most cases, powder is often used to give the skin a matt effect. Some foundations try to make powder unnecessary. You can also choose to make the skin shine more, so that powder will also be unnecessary. This all depends on trends and personal taste. In addition, rouge or blush can be used to accentuate the cheekbones and / or give the face a healthier appearance, and a concealer or concealer to camouflage the larger imperfections.

Foundation and possibly powder is also used when someone ends up under bright lights, such as during photo sessions, film recordings and television recordings. In the early days of the film, pancake was used for this, which had the same function and can be seen as a precursor to the foundation. Foundation also ensures that fatigue is less visible.

Foundation should be removed before going to sleep, otherwise the pores can become clogged and soiled. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin. Use a cleasing makeup remover for this.

But how do you know which foundation suits your skin tone and skin type?

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