Having the skin with acnes and roughness overloaded? Are you worried about your hyperpigmented scars? Or you want to have a smooth skin with glow making it great? Here we have an amazing Product for you – Concealer. Create a near-flawless complexion with the help of concealer. From dark circles and blemishes to hyperpigmentation and acne scars, concealer can help you achieve a smooth and more even complexion. Further, it can help you to glow, while moving outside in sunlight or to hide the scars that seems worst to you or make you feel embarrassed.


Our way to provide you with the best featured products is to make you feel comfortable while applying them. Here are some characteristics our Concealer owns:

  • Skin friendly to avoid more pigmentation and oily appearances.
  • Fresh outlook and long lasting looks.
  • Sustainable looks and healthy glow, with more immune system to make skin glow.
  • Concealers to make the skin flaws hide, thus, adding the plus point to make you look good,
  • Blends with skin tone

We got you!

Metbeaut Beauty web shop brings the entire collection of Concealers with way too good appearances. We are here at your service to make your skin healthy, glow and hide away it’s flaws. Our products – Concealers holds a characteristic feature to reduce hyperpigmentation. thus, adding a plus point to make your skin healthy in long run.

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Concealer - A radiant complexion with an alert look and even make-up - how do I do that? Give it a try with a concealer. In any case, this is one of the top ten cosmetic bag articles - maybe even in the top five or the top three. The most important thing is to choose a concealer that blends well with your skin tone and is tailored to your needs. What do you want to use your concealer for? This is an important question that we will explore in more detail below.

Concealer: What is that?

What does "concealer" actually mean? The name comes from the English verb "to conceal", which in Dutch means "to hide" or "to hide". The translation is almost equal to a definition, because with a concealer you cover impurities or imperfections of the skin. A concealer is therefore a cover stick that you apply in a targeted way. What exactly is a concealer good for? Pimples, dark circles, redness or small veins can be covered quickly and easily with a concealer. Many wonder where the differences are with camouflage or the normal foundation. Where you apply the foundation as a primer on the entire face, you only use a concealer on specific points. Camouflage is another special high coverage make-up, Of course it is also possible that you only make up with concealer and completely forgo foundation, powder and co. Concealer instead of makeup is especially useful when you want a natural look, but still want to remove impurities. Which concealer suits me - colors, types and effects at a glance

Concealer colors: Which color has which effect?

Beige, yellow or rather green? Color plays a decisive role when choosing a concealer. Each shade has a specific effect in combination with your skin color. Which color suits you best depends on what you need a concealer for: Do you want to hide blemishes? Cover dark circles or neutralize skin redness? As a rule you can choose between these colors:
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Red, Orange, Pink
An important keyword in this context is "complementary colors". Do you remember the color wheel? We will tell you whether you should choose your concealer lighter or darker and which color has which effect on the skin. By the way, the concealers are of course suitable for both women and men. Dark circles, pigmentation spots and veins goodbye! Concealer with yellow pigments Small blue veins can often be seen around the eyes or on the cheeks. Dark circles are also common. Both often get in the way of a radiant complexion. With the right concealer you can hide veins and dark circles in no time. It is best to take a cover marker with a proportion of yellow! Yellow is purple's complementary color and works well in bluish tones. Doesn't that look unnatural? No, not at all, the concealer is just an undertone: If you cover your dark circles first, a base will follow that makes the yellow invisible. Tip: Concealers with white, orange or pink also help to cover dark circles or pigmentation spots. Which color suits you best depends on the color of your dark circles. If you want to cover violet shadows, it's best to use a yellow masking stick. Bluish dark circles are better neutralized with orange.

Strong against redness: Concealer with green

Do I have to apply a green cover marker? ”You may ask. This skepticism is understandable. Don't be afraid to use it - give it a try, it works! What is greenery suitable for? A concealer with green color pigments neutralizes redness, because green is the complementary color of red. When you apply the concealer, you will soon notice that the redness of the skin disappears. Concealers of this type are suitable for blemishes and spider-like capillaries, as well as red spots, such as those that cause rosacea or rosacea. Make sure to only apply a small amount of concealer - it's just about compensating for the unwanted color.

Fresh kick thanks to concealers with purple

Is your skin color often pale or even grayish? Then you are well advised with a concealer that contains violet pigments. Especially in winter or after a cold, these concealers are worth a lot. The purple gives your skin freshness and vitality. Apply the purple concealer in a targeted manner to areas that appear particularly pale or even yellowish or gray.

What effect does a blue concealer have?

In general, a pink complexion is considered worthwhile. But if your skin is too pink or red for your taste, a concealer with blue pigments will suit you best. For example, after a light sunburn, blue concealers are useful. The cool blue neutralizes red spots in an instant. By the way: At Douglas you will also find concealers with integrated sunscreen and various protection factors (SPF). Also nice for summer is a waterproof concealer that lasts and does not smear while bathing.

Concealer for highlighting

Light concealers often contain light-reflecting particles that allow you to set effective highlights quickly and easily. Such practical two-in-one concealers provide both coverage and highlighting. Always choose a concealer in a lighter shade. Than your makeup to highlight, so that the highlights do not go down. Concealer with highlighter works particularly well on the bridge of the nose, over the cupid's bow or directly under the eyebrows. Remember to always apply highlighting concealer lastly so that the make-up does not absorb the light-reflecting pigments. Tip: Can't choose a color? Then buy a handy concealer palette. So you make up your skin imperfections, redness and dark circles each separately. The "Color and Corrector" palettes are available with four or six different concealer colors - from "light" to "medium" to "dark", the right color palette is available for every skin type.

The best concealers for dry, blemished, mature and combination skin

Are you looking for a concealer for blemishes or dry skin? Just like with make-up or a day cream, it is important that you choose a concealer that suits your skin type. We show you which concealer best suits your skin type.

Which concealers are suitable for dry skin?

Dry skin benefits most from a liquid concealer. Especially if you have dry eyes, something like this is a good choice. Liquid concealers provide high coverage and moisturize the skin at the same time. Even cream concealers are wonderfully suitable. Thanks to their creamy consistency, they effortlessly cover small dryness lines around the eyes or mouth. Instead, avoid powdery concealers. Creamy moisturizing concealers are also great for very sensitive skin. Especially the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive in many people. Liquid and creamy concealers can be applied very gently, which accommodates sensitive skin. Incidentally, the Douglas online store offers a large selection of hypoallergenic concealers. Incidentally, the Douglas online store offers a large selection of hypoallergenic concealers. For dry, sensitive skin, natural concealers with good ingredients, without silicones, fragrances and parabens, are best. In the Douglas online shop you can get many concealers from the "natural cosmetics" category - even vegan! The natural ingredients are particularly mild and gentle on the skin.

The best covering sticks for blemishes and oily skin

Are you looking for a concealer to camouflage acne? Acne and blemishes are often associated with oily skin and increased sebum production. Most importantly, choose a concealer that won't clog your pores. For oily, blemished skin, concealers are suitable that are non-comedogenic - so do not clog pores Concealer pens are ideal, for example. They are not runny or creamy and still provide a lot of coverage. A concealer with salicylic acid is also suitable for acne. Salicylic acid has a comedolytic effect on the skin: It helps dissolve blackheads and pimples. Also suitable are concealers with an antiseptic effect, such as zinc. Especially if you want to cover open pimples, this will aid wound healing - your skin will be clean faster.

Which concealer is suitable for combination skin?

With combination skin, you benefit from a concealer that hydrates but is oil-free. With combination skin, the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is often oily, while the rest of the skin tends to be dry. If you're looking for a concealer that you only use under the eyes, a creamy concealer is also suitable. Pimples in the oily T-zone are best covered with a powdery concealer or concealer stick. The best concealer with anti-aging effect Are you looking for a concealer for the skin of 40 or 50? Eye wrinkles in particular disturb a lot when you look in the mirror - with the right concealer you just hide them. There are concealers that have been specially developed for mature skin. If you want to hide wrinkles, it is best to use the cream masks. You apply this in the wrinkles, making them less visible. In addition, many concealers for mature skin are moisturizing and contain hyaluronic acid, which makes skin look youthful. In short: This is what a concealer for mature skin is all about:
  • creamy or liquid consistency depending on the scenario
  • sunscreen with different high SPF
  • moisturizing
  • at best with nourishing ingredients
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Where does the concealer belong and how do I make up for it? In what order should concealer, primer and foundation be used? You can find answers to these and many more questions here. Using a concealer correctly is not difficult at all. The application of makeup products summarized step by step: Make a base: First apply a day cream so that the skin is well hydrated. This ensures that your make-up stays fresh for a long time. Applying concealer: When do you apply concealer? Apply the concealer before make-up. Dab a small amount of concealer on the desired place and apply it best with the ring finger. It is important that you apply little pressure and only distribute small amounts. Especially under the eyes, it is best to use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. The best way to apply your concealer is completely up to you. Special concealer brushes, a make-up egg and of course the clean fingers are suitable. Just try out how you want to apply your concealer. For all three methods, it is crucial that you apply little pressure.
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