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Blush gives your face more color and shape. Add a cool color to your day with a little touch. Blush is not only for a vibrant color for your cheeks, applied correctly it also draws attention to the most beautiful parts of your face. In the run of digital chaos, using the makeup with smoothness and having the perfect shape adds beauty in the long run.

How to use it?

With a touch of blush on the cheeks, you can easily and quickly add color to your complexion. In our range you will find a shade that suits you! Apply a powder blush with a brush for a perfect result. For a blush in cream, use your fingertips and gently tap the color onto the skin.

Not everyone wears blush on a daily basis. Yet it can give that extra fresh touch to your make-up look or overall appearance. Blushes, also called rouges, helps to accentuate your cheekbones. It can create depth, allowing you to optically shape your face. Would you like to avail this product? You must know all this!

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Mebeaut Beauty Web Shop brings an entire collection of Blushes for you to look beautiful and entirely unique. We have got the collection with amazing features of smoothness with ecofriendly touch to bring healthy impacts for your skin. In reasonable prices, this entire collection is at the distant of one click.

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What types of blush are there?

Mineral powder blush is a Blush in solid powder form is the most popular, but the mineral powder blush is also becoming more and more famous. These kinds of make-up blushes are often available in a matte or shimmer version. An advantage of a mineral powder blush is that the pores do not become clogged. In addition, mineral powder blushes are easier to use because the powder is very finely ground and therefore easy to distribute over the cheeks. Crème blush Crème blush, as the name suggests, has a soft texture. Cream blush is mainly used to achieve a light and natural result. This type of blush often has a more intense color with a more opaque effect than a semi-transparent powder blush. But because you have to blend a cream blush well into the skin, the result will automatically become softer.

How do you apply blush?

It is important to apply a good foundation before you get started with blush. This can be in the form of a face cream or a make-up primer. Apply blush over foundation or powder or choose to apply just the blush for a healthy, radiant glow. Apply the product under the apples of the cheeks and build the color evenly until you achieve the desired coverage. Work from the center of the cheeks outward in circular motions to avoid streaks.

What do you apply blush with?

Wide blush brush Powder blush is best applied with a flared blush brush. With this you can easily distribute the powder over the face. You could also do this with a powder brush, but these are often just a bit too large to precisely cover the small surface of the cheeks. Angled blush brush In addition to the wide blush brush, there are also a number of other types of blush brushes. With an oblique blush brush you can easily blend the blush and the brush glides easily over the face. With this you can also emphasize your cheekbones extra well due to the firm grip that the blush brush has. Stippling brush Do you want to apply your blush subtly? Then use a stippling brush. With this you can distribute cream blushes well and gradually over the cheeks. With a stippling brush, the hairs are often closer together, so you can work very precisely.

Which color blush suits my skin tone?

You would like to buy a blush. Then it is of course important to know which shades best suit your skin color. For lighter skin tones, light rosé and apricot blushes work well. Do you have a darker skin tone? Then you better go for a blush with an orange and berry red color or undertone. Whatever color, shape, texture or finish you use, remember: "less is more." Too much blush is obviously not what you want. We will omit the clown look and that is why it is important to always check in daylight whether you have blended everything properly. Want some different colors every week pick a kit with 6 colors, like Miss Rose Blush kit

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