Best Quality Sponges & Wedges:

To deliver the makeup with the best outlook and most precise appearance. Sponge & wedge deliver makeup that’s free of streaks and have even coverage. But, some sponges must be soaked with water first. Mebeaut beauty webshop is having a variety of sponges & wedges collection with amazing characteristics. We are known for best quality sponges & wedges with amazing coloring schemes to attract customers.

Sponges & Wedges collection:

    Sponge & Wedge are the most common type of makeup sponge and are exactly what they sound like — small wedges that can be used to apply liquid, cream, and even powder products. They’re usually meant for just one use. Flat powder sponges are usually round and fairly thin. They’re the same type of sponge that’s often included with pressed powders, so they work well for applying both pressed and loose powder. Here are some features owned by variety of sponges & wedges by Mebeaut beauty shop:

  • In general, use rounded, larger sponges to apply tinted moisturizer, facial creams, foundation, blush, and bronzer.
  • Small wedge sponges work well to apply highlighter, under-eye makeup, and concealer.
  • Soft makeup applicators including wedge and sponge should be replaced after 3 months of use.
  • Wedge Sponges are perfect for blending or applying powder, liquid or cream makeup.
  • Designed with clean edges, smooth surfaces, and precise corners.
  • These wedges can be used for touch-ups, delicate areas around the eyes and for added definition to your nose.
  • Quality products with long lasting texture
  • Durability and skin-friendly composition
  • Soft and easy to use

Further, these accessories are available in a wide range. To have a look on Sponges collection, sweep the webshop and check out mesmerizing products.

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