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The layer of skin that covers the lips is very thin and susceptible to weather and pollution. In order to show off healthy, rosy and chapped lips. It is essential to apply the same care to other areas of the skin.

Care for lips naturally way. For example, hydration is a basic aspect. For this, you can use a moisturizing lip balmrich in vitamin E, with a protection factor appropriate to the different times of the year. To improve the penetration of the product and increase blood circulation, a gentle massage will be performed with light taps. If you want to increase the reddish tone, you can use an ice cube and rub them gently.

On the other hand, daily cleaning is necessary to keep them soft and remove dark spots. To do this, a cotton ball will be moistened in rose water every night and rubbed gently. After that, a natural moisturizing lipstick will be applied to act during the night rest.

Once a week it will be convenient to perform a natural exfoliation. The mixture of rose petals, honey, cucumber and milk applied for ten minutes will remove dirt and dead cells. Remove it with a cotton ball. You can also choose to apply a little honey, excellent for cleaning and moisturizing the skin of the lips, in a soft cedar toothbrush. Rub gently for a few seconds, remove excess with warm water or a damp cotton ball and hydrate.

As additional care measures, the consumption of foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, allies to repair collagen, increase elasticity and prevent aging, is recommended. You will find them in fruits, vegetables, vegetables, vegetable oils and nuts.

Good internal hydration will also be reflected on the outside. Six to eight glasses of water daily are recommended. Finally, harmful habits such as tobacco can seriously damage the health of the entire organism and worsen the appearance of the skin on and around the lips. Care for lips naturally with our lip balm in our Mebeaut lip balm webshop.

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