This is what green tea really does to you

This is what green tea really does to you

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Everyone knows that green tea is healthy. But that it has so many benefits? From now on we will gladly omit that extra coffee and drink a large cup of green tea instead!


Did you know that green tea has zero calories and even hydrates you better than water?
Green tea is good for your bones. The tea would slow down the aging process of your bones and you would have less chance of osteoporosis.
Do you want to lose some weight or maintain your current weight? Then try to drink at least two to four cups of green tea every day (without sweeteners, of course). Do not expect spectacular changes, but do expect a nice tool. You can lose weight with green tea because you burn more energy and at the same time reduce waste products in your body.
Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Tea will help you out! Drink a cup of green tea regularly and reduce your cholesterol.
Green tea protects your liver from alcohol.
Do you suffer from gum disease? Then try to drink green tea regularly. It prevents sensitive gums and bleeding.
Green tea can also work wonders for your heart. Drinking a cup of green tea every day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. People who drink tea regularly are said to be 26 percent less likely to have a heart attack.
Green tea provides a healthy portion of energy. So leave out your cup of coffee and drink green tea with breakfast. A cup of coffee contains 96 to 200 milligrams of caffeine, while green tea contains only 24 to 45 milligrams. So you retain the necessary portion of energy to wake up without the headaches, nausea and shaking that come with an overdose of caffeine.


Let the boiled water cool for 7 to 10 minutes before adding green tea, otherwise you will destroy the antioxidants.
Or even better: It is always a bit of fishing for the right temperature, the amount of tea or how long the tea should be infused. And that can sometimes be disappointing. Those who want the ideal cup of tea quickly will be over the moon with a tea machine. This is a machine with ecological tea capsules with which you can make the perfect cup of tea with 1 push of a button. No more guesswork!


Kusmi Tea’s Label Imperial is inspired by a traditional drink served in Russia since the 12th century to brave those cold harsh winters. It’s a subtle green tea based on orange, cinnamon, delicately spiced with lemon and sea buckthorn, all beautifully balanced with a hint of vanilla and the softness of licorice root. Yummy!

Enjoy it!

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