A fresh look in 1-2-3: this is how you apply concealer perfectly

A fresh look in 1-2-3: this is how you apply concealer perfectly.

A concealer is often your lifesaver in your make-up routine. It camouflages skin discolorations, pimples and dark circles, creating a fresh complexion. Which one do you choose best and how do you apply it perfectly? You can read that here!


A concealer is a beauty product that you can apply to smooth out imperfections on the face, such as pimples, spots and dark circles. Unlike foundation, you only use concealer on the places that are needed and preferably in the right color, so that everything looks as natural as possible.


Concealer comes in different shapes and sizes:


Usually comes in a tube with a handy little sponge applicator, or in a bottle with a pipette.
For normal, combination, oily or sensitive skin.
Light to Full Coverage: Many textures are available.
Great for hiding blemishes as it doesn’t build up quickly.


Available in a tube and often rollable like a lipstick.
For normal, dry or sensitive skin.
Medium to high coverage.
Note: Sticks to camouflage pimples sometimes prevent the skin from breathing. Pimples can sometimes get worse.


Comes in a jar or concealer palette, often with multiple colors.
For normal, dry or sensitive skin.
Medium to full coverage: covers better than liquid concealer because the texture is thicker and more pigments are present.
Very suitable for getting rid of puffiness or for hiding discolorations such as pigmentation spots.


Available as a powder in a compact box. Usually applied with a sponge.
For normal, dry, combination or sensitive skin.
Light to medium coverage.


The color of concealer you choose depends on what you want to cover up. It is best to use a concealer under your eyes that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation, while you should go for the same color as your foundation for your face. Do you have imperfections that you want to hide extra well? Then you can apply these color-correcting concealers under your skin-colored concealer:

Yellow and orange correct dark circles under your eyes. If they have a purple undertone, you can go for yellow;
if they have a blue undertone, an orange concealer is better.
Green neutralizes redness and is good for blemishes or rosacea.
Purple corrects a dull, yellowish complexion.
The colors will cover up the imperfections, after which a skin-colored concealer will even out your complexion.


Have you found the right concealer, and do you want to get started? Then keep these 5 tips in mind.


Always apply your foundation first. It camouflages most of the imperfections and ensures an even complexion. Only then use concealer to correct minor imperfections or color deviations. There are two exceptions:

It is best not to apply foundation around your eye contour, only concealer. Too many layers on top of each other create an unnatural effect.
To avoid smudges and build-up of residue, do not apply concealer over a powder foundation. If you use such a foundation, it is best to apply concealer first.
Skipping foundation and only using concealer where necessary will only work if you have near-flawless, even skin. In that case, make sure that your concealer matches your skin tone seamlessly.


Apply the concealer locally. Dot a little product on what you want to camouflage and blend with your fingers, a foundation brush or a damp sponge. Blur the product until you no longer see a transition between the concealer and your foundation or skin.

Do you want to apply concealer under your eyes? Then work in a triangle (point down) for a lifting effect. Also put a dot on your eyelids and on the apples of your cheeks. Hello, fresh look!


Start with a thin layer: it is better to build up than suddenly use too much. This way you get the most natural effect. A thick layer of concealer emphasizes lines and wrinkles, which you obviously want to avoid.


Do you want to apply concealer on a pimple? Apply it to your finger first, after which you can dab the concealer on your skin. If you do it directly with the applicator, there is a chance that bacteria will enter the tube.


To ensure that your concealer stays in place, you can apply some transparent fixation powder over it. This is best done with a soft brush.

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