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How To Select Body Wash

A luxuriously scented body wash can transform a boring morning shower into a lavish treat that you will look forward to at the start of every day. Body washes can offer as deep a cleansing experience as bar soap, but with an added explosion of pleasant aroma. And, many body washes have moisturizing benefits that […]

Is the Weekend Facelift Right for You?

Face lift for weekend

The weekend facelift as an alternative for a real surgey facelift. As part of the natural aging process, many people start to experience sagging skin. And fat deposits in their neck and jaw line areas, problems which are traditionally addressed through facelift surgery. However, a lot of potential patients hesitate to get a facelift. Because […]

How To Give Yourself A Brazilian Bikini Wax

Bikini girl brazilian wax

Before you give yourself a brazilian bikini wax, be warned that most women don’t find it comfortable. Pulling out your pubic hair and ripping them out from the roots is not the best feeling. After all, you are dealing with your most sensitive and intimate regions. Some Step For a Waxing Make sure that you […]

Are Stay At Home Moms Better

Can we really have it all… a career, the good life and parenthood? Can parents afford to raise a child on one income? How can new parents decide whether to work or stay home with the kids. Kristie Tamsevicius, author of I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home says that the […]

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