Change your look to see beautyful

A radically change of look can be a tool very useful in many circumstances. Some people choose to do this at certain times in their lives when they need to introduce a change that is reflected on the outside. Or even manifest that change has occurred internally and demonstrate it through physical appearance. It is also used to help overcome certain complicated situations or difficulties such as a breakup in a love relationship.

There are also people who consider that a change of look of this type is necessary to be done every so often, especially if you work with the public in mind. There are different ways to get a total change of look and therefore you have to take into account the different aspects that can form it, from hairstyle to clothing. Here we explain how to radically change your look

How to change hairstyle

One of the most important aspects when it comes to radically changing the look is the hairstyle. Both the color and the way the hair is cut can be a total transformation of the person’s appearance. That is why it is advisable if you want a very radical change of look, go to a stylist or a hairdresser who can recommend a change that is very flattering as well as radical.

Mainly what is advised in these cases is to choose to change the tone of the hair. You can start with some highlights that are lighter in tone than their own natural hue. In the case of those who are brunettes or dark blondes. If you have a too dark tone you can think about resorting to a lighter full dye. If you have a very light hair tone you can choose to try a tan or black, depending on the face and skin tone.

In the case of a haircut, if you have a long mane, it is advisable to try a fairly striking haircut and make a flattering hairstyle taking into account the shape of the face. If you already have short hair, you can try cutting the bangs or doing a layered hairstyle, if both the face and the type of hair you have allow it.

How to change the way of dressing

Another fundamental aspect to achieve a radical change of look in the right way is to introduce modifications in the wardrobe. If you get used to dressing in dark or neutral colors. Such as blacks, whites and grays. It is recommended to opt for a garment of a more striking color, such as red or electric blue. Which can also be perfectly combined with the more shades neutral.

In the event that you usually dress in very striking colors. The way to achieve the radically change of look would be by incorporating more neutral garments. A little more formal and sober, to achieve a more elegant look .


Accessories are also a very important part to achieve a radical change of look. Shoes, bags, hair accessories, jewelry … This type of clothing is key to making a difference.

Occasionally changing sneakers or low-heeled shoes for medium or high heels produce a very important visual change in the figure. Using more elegant bags with metallic decorations also help to give a fresher and younger image. And if you are not in the habit of wearing any accessories in your hair, it is recommended to choose to start wearing a hairpin with appliqués or headbands.

How to change the way of applying makeup

To get a radical change of look you also have to take into account the way of applying makeup. If you are not used to it, it is a good time to start applying some cosmetic. Since it will be a rather striking change. It is recommended to start with a foundation, a light touch of ‘blush’ or blush and a soft lip tone. If you also want to make up your eyes, it is advisable to use an ‘eyeliner’ to paint the stripe on both eyes and a few touches of mascara to slightly lengthen them.

If you want to get a more striking touch, it is advisable to add eyeshadows. More neutral shades if it is a makeup for day to day. And more striking tones if it is for a special occasion, for a dinner or for a party.

You can also use lipstick shades that focus attention on the mouth, such as reds or intense pinks, but always taking into account the tone of the facial skin.

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