Beauty Guest Post

Beauty Guest Post

We are still looking for some guest articles to post on my blog Mebeaut Beauty and Make-Up Blog.

How to go about it?

* Write a unique post on any topic (in my blog’s niche) that isn’t published elsewhere on the web.
* The post should have more than 600 words.
* The materieal must be unique, topical and relevant tot this blog / site, and you can include not more than two external links in the text back to your blog or site you wish to promote.
* Also i would prefer thaht after this post has been published on this blog. It shouldn’t be published on other sites/blogs.
* A picture or pictures to go with the post would be great. You can send public images, pictures made be yourself. BTW if you send images fromother sites, do specify the links to their original sources.
* Also send a brief search/meta description of around 150 words while sending the post.

If this is something that interests you, then feel free to contact me. I’ll let you know when your post will be published and will also send you a link (if published).

Some ideas for writing beauty blogs on our site:

General Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Product review.
  2. A brand review where you test multiple products from one brand
  3. Haul.
  4. Your top beauty tips.
  5. What’s on your wishlist?
  6. Beauty gift guides.
  7. The best beauty products on sale at the moment.
  8. High-end product and drugstore product comparison.
  9. Share your favourite products of the week, month, season or year.
  10. Your favourite vegan or cruelty-free products.
  11. You favourite plastic-free or sustainable products.
  12. Recreating a celebrity look.
  13. How to get a luxe look for less.
  14. Products that you’ve used up reviewed.
  15. Your favourite beauty blogs and MUAs.
  16. New season trends and how to achieve them.
  17. Beauty essentials you always carry with you.
  18. The best products under £X.
  19. Beauty essentials everyone should have.
  20. Beauty box review.
  21. Your favourite subscription services.
  22. The best independent brands.
  23. Talk about new launches or releases.
  24. Your hand-luggage only beauty picks.
  25. How long should you keep beauty products?
  26. Your favourite beauty brands and shops.
  27. Follow me around while I beauty shop.
  28. How to find luxury products for less.
  29. Your top five products in a specific category (i.e. lipstick, moisturizer etc).
  30. Do a get ready with me or get unready with me.
  31. The best beauty apps.
  32. Salon, spa or treatment reviews.
  33. The best beauty advice I’ve ever received.
  34. Share your entire beauty collection.
  35. Declutter your beauty collection.

Makeup Content Ideas

  1. What’s in my makeup bag?
  2. Do a makeup transformation.
  3. Full makeup look using only budget products.
  4. How to do your eyebrows.
  5. Quick makeup looks.
  6. The most disappointing makeup products you’ve tried.
  7. A beginners guide to makeup. Essential starter products.
  8. How to make your makeup last all day.
  9. Popular makeup products that aren’t worth the hype.
  10. Back-to-school makeup looks.
  11. Full makeup look only using luxury products.
  12. Your biggest makeup mistakes.
  13. How to apply false eyelashes.
  14. New seasonal makeup looks.
  15. How to transform your makeup from day to night.
  16. Your favourite makeup palettes.
  17. How to find the right foundation shade.
  18. Which makeup brush is best for different things.
  19. Full makeup look using products from one brand.
  20. Holiday Makeup looks.
  21. A minimal makeup look with only a few products.
  22. Your favourite makeup brushes and tools.
  23. How to apply your makeup.
  24. Makeup tips for people with glasses/ contact lenses.
  25. 5 makeup products that you will always repurchase.
  26. Your current go-to makeup look.
  27. Easy to follow glam makeup looks.
  28. How to clean your makeup brushes.
  29. Apply your makeup using only one tool.
  30. No-makeup makeup looks.
  31. How to make your eyes look bigger.
  32. The perfect eye makeup for your eye colour.
  33. Look through somebody else’s makeup bag.
  34. How to organise your makeup collection.
  35. The best makeup dupes.
  36. Work-appropriate makeup looks.
  37. How to pick the perfect lipstick for your skin tone.
  38. Your favourite waterproof makeup.
  39. How to do a cut crease.
  40. Makeup trends you love.
  41. How to hide scars with makeup.
  42. Your top makeup hacks.
  43. Apply your makeup with just your fingers.
  44. Your favourite makeup products of all time.
  45. How to contour your face.
  46. Eye looks for hooded eyes
  47. Makeup trends you hate.
  48. Your favourite makeup products for travelling.
  49. How your makeup has changed over the years.
  50. Share your entire makeup collection.
  51. How to make your makeup products last longer.
  52. Halloween-inspired makeup looks.
  53. The best mascara for length, volume etc.
  54. How to conceal dark circles.
  55. A makeup dictionary of different terminology used.

Skincare Blog Post Ideas

  1. Seasonable skincare switches.
  2. Skincare habits to start.
  3. Share your skincare ‘shelfie’ of products you currently have.
  4. How to remove your makeup.
  5. Your morning and nighttime routine.
  6. How to deal with bad skin days.
  7. Your favourite skincare products of all time.
  8. How to find your skin type.
  9. A minimal skincare routine with only a few products.
  10. The best skincare products for your skin type.
  11. Your favourite budget skincare products.
  12. How to deal with large pores.
  13. Skincare products that aren’t worth the hype.
  14. Your favourite luxury skincare products.
  15. How to find the right SPF for you.
  16. Skincare for sensitive skin.
  17. How to keep your skin hydrated on a flight.
  18. Your top skin care hacks.
  19. A guide to different skin treatments available.
  20. Your favourite self-tan products.
  21. DIY skincare tutorials.
  22. Your biggest skincare mistakes.
  23. Skincare products you are currently using.
  24. Your skincare journey. Have you had to overcome a specific concern such as acne?
  25. A beginners guide to skincare.
  26. What different ingredients in skincare do.
  27. A skincare dictionary of different terminology used.
  28. Your fake tan routine.
  29. Your favourite face masks.
  30. A beginner’s anti-ageing guide.
  31. How to get glowing skin.
  32. Your favourite skin pampering routine.

Haircare Content Ideas

  1. How to choose the right hair colour for your skin tone.
  2. Your favourite hair products.
  3. How to style short or long hair.
  4. Your top hair hacks.
  5. How to combat frizz.
  6. How to work out your hair type.
  7. A haircare dictionary with the terminology used.
  8. Tips for dying your hair.
  9. How to choose a hairstyle for your face shape.
  10. Your hair history. Different haircuts and colours you’ve had.
  11. How to hide roots in-between visits to the hairdresser.
  12. Quick hair looks.
  13. How to care for dyed hair.
  14. 5 ways to keep your hair out of your face.
  15. Your biggest haircare mistakes.
  16. How to deal with greasy hair.
  17. Your favourite hair styling tools.
  18. How to blow dry your own hair.
  19. DIY hair care products.
  20. How to style hair extensions.
  21. Your top tips for making your hair grow.
  22. How to prevent split ends.
  23. Your favourite hair accessories
  24. The best products for your hair type.
  25. How to protect your hair from heat review.

Other Ideas For Beauty Bloggers

  1. Your favourite perfumes and fragrances.
  2. Your top tips for self-love.
  3. What beauty means to you.
  4. Share your morning or nighttime routine.
  5. How to store your perfume collection.
  6. You top tips for building confidence.
  7. How to correctly apply perfume.
  8. The best nail colours for the season.
  9. How to do gel nails at home.
  10. How to remove gel nail polish.
  11. Copy someone else’s beauty routine for a day/week.
  12. Nail art tutorials.
  13. How you take & edit your makeup photos and videos.
  14. Why you started a blog.
  15. Where to get inspiration for beauty content.
  16. How to start a beauty blog.
  17. A Q&A.
  18. Host a giveaway.
  19. How to get a job in the beauty industry.
  20. Day in the life of a beauty blogger.
  21. Beauty looks you’ve always wanted to try.
  22. Outfit of the Days.
  23. Ask another blogger or influencer to do a guest post.
  24. I hope you’ve got some inspiration from these beauty blog post ideas.

What are your favourite beauty or make up blog post idea? Let me know what you want to post ….