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How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

Plucking eyebrows is common for looking good, hot and sexy for all the women. Almost all the woman believes that their eyes speak the language they want. Therefore making once eyes superior is natural and eyebrow plucking adds extra spice to this. This is because of growing interests of women in eyebrow plucking that parlor […]

Innovative Makeup Prevents Eye Irritation

Most women have experienced itchy, watery eyes, often attributing irritation and allergic reactions to their cosmetics. But contrary to that belief, mascaras and eyeliners flaking and running into the eyes – not allergies – cause most eye problems. With this in mind, cosmetics companies such as Blinc Inc. uncovered new developments in eye makeup technology […]

The Correct Way to Apply Mascara | Makeup Tips | Beauty How To


Way to Apply Mascara the correct way.  Eyelashes can enhance any eye shape and color. No matter how gorgeous they may already be. But there are some tricks to getting your longest lashes ever. Learn all the steps, including the proper way to hold your wand, in this tip-filled tutorial that anyone can pull off. […]

What is Lip Balm?

Long Lasting Beauty Lips Makeup Women's Fashion Lipstick Lip Balm Lip Stick Aloe Vera Moisturizing Color Changing Lipstick

Lip balm, also known as a salve or butter, is a wax-like substance that is applied topically to help heal dry or chapped lips and lock in moisture. Every lip balm is different, therefore the brand you use will determine the ingredients. For example, Vaseline® contains purified petroleum, whereas Burt’s Bees® contains beeswax.Here are the most common […]

How do you apply lipstick?

How do you apply lipstick? Whether you have a party in the evening, on the road or at work, there are many women who use lipsticks. From bright red lips to beautiful nude shades. The way your lips look after applying lipstick is largely determined by the way you apply your lipstick. In this blog […]

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